I revisited my proposal again today and went through all my plans today to create a revised, reasonable, achievable list of remaining tasks. This article is a sum-up of the decisions I made, but I still have to discuss those with my advisers.

Use Cases: I haven’t done anything for the use cases yet, but I am of the opinion that testing my software with actual use cases is crucial because that is what I want people to do with sos4R: do their actual analyses with data requested from a SOS. I went through the documentation and publications of those packages and decided to do the analyses listed below:

I will not use the spatstat package any more, as I realized I don’t have an appropriate dataset (i.e. spatial point patterns).

Functionality: I explicitly listed some functions, some of which are implemented already, but most of them are not. I’ll go through them in detail: Read the rest of this entry »